eRummy's top priority is to ensure safety and security of its valuable players. eRummy is committed not to compromise with security and it will always strive to ensure that all of its players are playing and enjoying the game of Rummy in a safe and secure network. The security measures at eRummy are as under:-

  • Our gaming software has been prepared in hi-secure HTML-5 Platform.
  • All the information we collect from our players shall not be shared with any third-party.
  • All the transactions are encrypted with a safe 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • eRummy will review of its security measures in regular interval.
  • Games played on eRummy will be monitored round the clock so that any fraudulent action by any player can be checked.
  • Player Collusion mechanism has been developed to ensure a fair play for all players.
  • No seat is fixed to any player or no favour would be shown to any of the player and seating arrangement will be random.
  • The game would not be controlled by any player in any manner.
  • The random number generation algorithm will be certified by iTECH Labs, Melbourne Australia.
  • Our shuffling of cards uses Fisher Yates Algorithm.
  • Players playing from same IP address cannot play on the same table.
  • No player would be allowed to operate multiple accounts.
  • If any player found indulging in any kind of malpractice, he would be barred to play further on eRummy.
  • Since our playing cards are always encrypted no player would be able to see the cards of other players and closed decks.
  • No team efforts would be allowed.
  • Measures are taken to ensure that players cannot collude with each other before, during and after the game session/s
  • eRummy responds to any concerns raised by its players immediately.