About Indian Rummy

eRummy is the only Rummy Portal to offer playing facility on various Indian Rummy is a popular card game played in most of the Indian Villages and Cities by both men and women. It is normally played with 2 Decks of cards with 2 Picture Jokers and 13 cards by each player. 2 to 6 players can play a game together. Now the same Indian Rummy game is available online, which players can play from Home or office. Playing online doesn't require physical cards or Recreation Clubs or companions for playing as players from all over India except from the States of Assam, Orissa, Telengana, Sikkim & Nagaland are available round the clock.

About eRummy

eRummy is the only Rummy Portal to offer playing facility on various eRummy is the only Rummy Portal to offer playing facility on various devices such as iPad/iPhone/iPod/Androids/Tablets etc which are not having the facility of flash player, apart from PC and Laptops. eRummy offers various kinds of 13 Cards Indian Rummy games such as Rummy-101, Rummy-201, Rummy-301, Best of 3, Points Rummy and the eRummy's exclusive Deal-7 which, we are sure, our players will definitely enjoy.Also eRummy provides best 24x7 customer care facility through email and 9 AM to 9 PM through Telephones to its valuable players. eRummy will strive to give its best to its players. eRummy's top priority will be Players' satisfaction. eRummy will ensure "fair play" with its sophisticated software round the clock.

About Legality

Players need a lot of skill to win a game of Rummy, as opposed to a game of chance. If a player lacks skill, he will definetely loose the game even if he gets a good set of cards in a round. At the same time, a player can win a game with bad sets of cards also with his skill. It needs a lot of mind calculations and ideas in discarding. Apart from this, Rummy has been declared by the courts of law to be a game of skill or mere skill. Games of skill or mere skill are excluded from the applicability of laws prohibiting betting and gambling. Hence, playing rummy online is legal in India. However, people from Assam, Orissa, Telengana, Sikkim & Nagaland can't play for cash in www.eRummy.in since the game is a state subject and the local laws are not clear in these Five States.